Baekhyun Criticized For Promising EXO Activities Even Amid Legal Dispute With SM

Korean netizens showed negative reactions to Baekhyun hinting at EXO plans after Kai and Sehun are discharged

A netizen shared in theqoo a part of an interview in which Baekhyun mentioned EXO’s activities. According to the interview excerpt, Baekhyun wants to do more and develop himself in solo promotions, group activities and as the representative of his label INB100. 


Baekhyunhinted at EXO’s new music releases this winner as well as new albums and concert plans when the youngest members Kai and Seuhun complete their military service in 2025. Baekhyun said, “When we release a new album or do a concert, also when we meet EXO-L, I can make sure that we will have more fun. I’m looking forward to those events”.

In response, other netizens commented:

– EXO fans still don’t admit that “Cream Soda” comeback last year was postponed because of CBX. They are just trying to make fans believe in their words

– Group fans have turned their backs on them (CBX) and only individual fans are left. Don’t even mention the group and just go solo…

– From this interview, I can clearly see that he doesn’t think about fans

– SM owns EXO’s trademark, and many members are still staying under SM. How can they proceed with EXO activities? Will you work with the person you sued?

– What makes me feel angry is the fact that he doesn’t think about fans at all

– He wants to use the group name only because of money. He doesn’t think about the members and fans at all. What is he talking about? He caused a mess but still talked about a full-team comeback.

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