Baek Ye Rin shows off her tattoos and enviable body in a bikini top

Baek Yerin oozes sexy charm in her latest update. 

On August 15th, Baek Yerin shared new photos with a broken heart emoji on her Instagram. The photos show Baek Yerin posing in a cute-patterned bikini top and denim shorts. 

Baek Yerin attracted attention by revealing multiple tattoos on her chest, arms, and stomach. She exudes sexy summer vibes and a unique dreamy, chic aura with her yellowish brown hair. 

The female singer also showed off “body goals” with her 90-degree shoulders, clear skin, and slender arms and legs, drawing admiration from netizens. 

Netizens left comments on Baek Yerin’s photos such as “Hot girl”, “Crazy. I love you,” “Oh My God. You’re a real Cutie Sexy”, “Seriously pretty”, “You are summer itself”. 

Meanwhile, Baek Yerin made her debut in 2012 with Park Jimin in the duo 15&. After becoming a soloist, Baek Yerin was dubbed ‘Goddess of Emotional Songs’ thanks to hits such as ‘Across the Universe’, ‘Maybe it’s not our fault’, and ‘Square’. Baek Yerin recently made a comeback with the new album ‘Pisces’ in May.

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