Bada Reveals She Turned Down a Proposal from the Thai Royal Family’s 100th Heir: Here’s Why

Former S.E.S member Bada revealed on “Radio Star” that she declined a proposal from the 100th heir of the Thai royal family.

Singer and musical actress Bada recently appeared on the MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed a surprising story about being proposed to by the 100th heir of the Thai royal family, who is known for his immense wealth.

During the episode, Bada shared that while filming with her team on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, a larger yacht approached them, and a woman wearing ruby and sapphire rings on all ten fingers stepped off the yacht. 


To Bada’s shock, the woman revealed herself to be a member of the Thai royal family and proposed that Bada become the second wife of the Thai prince, stating that the first wife must be a Thai native. Bada also had to provide her parents’ phone number.

Bada ultimately declined the proposal, stating that her family in Seoul was her top priority. 

Bada, who was the leader and main vocalist of the first-generation girl group S.E.S, debuted in the entertainment industry in 1997. She married Park Jung Min, a former professional soccer player, in 2017 and has a daughter.

Source: Wikitree

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