Bad situation of Zheng Shuang after shocking scandal

Zheng Shuang reveals her status and whereabouts on social media, drawing attention.

Recently, Zheng Shuang is stirring up attention from the Internet with a photo taken in the U.S. In the photo, the Chinese actress looked pale and revealed signs of weight gain and hair loss. This new appearance drew divisive opinions among the public. 


 Though disappearing from the Chinese entertainment industry many years ago, Zheng Shuang has gained attention every time she makes an appearance. Now, she is a resident of Colorado, the U.S. Family revealed she was focused on child rearing and nothing else.  

In the middle of May, she greeted people on social media and said that she was starting a new life in the U.S. and would use this as a reminder to face struggles with positivity.

Fans can only interact with the actress through posts as such or through occasional photo dumps.


Nonetheless, life outside of the limelight has not been easy for Zheng Shuang. She is constantly dragged into a legal battle with her ex, Zhang Heng, over her children’s custody. He made up stories to defame and taint her reputation.

Struggles aside, netizens are trying to look for the root causes behind Zheng Shuang’s struggling life. It is said to be her mother’s high expectations of her. Zheng Shuang’s mother wanted her to get into showbiz early on and did whatever it took to give the actress dancing and singing lessons.

She got into Beijing Film Academy, majoring in Performance, and was the youngest student in her university class. She excelled and was the frequent holder of annual scholarships, nonetheless.

She made it big with “Meteor Shower” and was nominated “Best Actress” at the “China TV Golden Eagle Awards”. While the audience may feel bored to see the actress doing the same type of role over and over again, brands and game shows loved her for that and offered lucrative deals.

However, as she gained more popularity and position in the field, the audience was not happy with her attitude when she said she only acted for money or how she behaved on entertainment shows and social media.

Zheng Shuang

 A producer from a previous project revealed that the actress was under a lot of stress from her mother, leading to a series of tragedies in Zheng Shuang’s life.

At the moment, the “Meteor Shower” actress knew how to control her temperament and wanted to ask the National Radio and Television Administration for a second chance to show her truth. However, the action drew mixed reactions from netizens.

Therefore, the actress said she wanted to leave for the time being to readjust herself, complete her life and take care of her children.

Source: K14

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