BABYMONSTER Asa Causes Controversy for Having ‘Star Disease’

BABYMONSTER Asa causes controversy due to her attitude.

Recently, BABYMONSTER held a series of events in Bangkok, Thailand, before their fan meeting there. The appearance of the seven rookie girls always attracts great attention from the fans present. However, member Asa caused controversy with suspicions of having a ‘star disease’ and ignoring fans.

Specifically, while the other BABYMONSTER members were happily waving and greeting fans, Asa covered her face and walked straight past the area where fans were waiting. This moment sparked controversy that Asa had a diva attitude despite being a rookie.

When BABYMONSTER happily greeted fans…
… Asa (at the back) covered her face and walked straight past the waiting fans

However, in another video, when Asa moved to the back, she waved and said goodbye to the fans who were waiting for her. From the clip recorded from another angle, it can be seen that the controversy about Asa’s ‘star disease’ is completely untrue. In a clip recording the backstage of the event in Thailand, the moment Asa was excited and happy when receiving gifts from fans was also shared to dispel rumors of her having a diva attitude.

A video of Asa shared by the online community

babymonster asa
From another angle, Asa waved and said goodbye to the waiting fans
babymonster asa
Also at an event in Thailand, Asa was visibly excited when receiving gifts from fans
babymonster asa
Asa is a member loved by the audience for her songwriting and rapping talent in BABYMONSTER
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