BABYMONSTER Ahyeon proves the “all-rounder” title given by YG with her explosive singing abilities and diverse talents

BABYMONSTER member Ahyeon drew explosive responses from global fans with her amazing singing skills and overwhelming talents.

On April 22nd, YG Entertainment uploaded BABYMONSTER Ahyeon’s “Dangerously” cover video on their official Youtube channel. Ahyeon’s impressive vocal as well as her unrivaled aura of an “all-rounder” were all captured in the video.

With her trendy voice tone and excellent skills, Ahyeon captivated listeners by successfully showing off her personal color and unique swag. She quickly took control of the stage with her powerful vocal and effortlessly went back and forth between her solid chest voice and smooth falsetto throughout the performance.

Ahyeon thrilled listeners as she smoothly reached impactful high notes, raising the atmosphere to the fullest. Her stylish gestures and rhythmic body movements with free groove further enhanced audiences’ immersion, leaving a strong impression.

Although this genre requires the performer to have top-notch skills, Ahyeon perfectly did the dramatic emotional lines that are different from the original song and also captivated the hearts of viewers with various expressions. As Ahyeon once again imprinted her wide musical capabilities and irreplaceable presence, K-pop fans’ anticipation for her debut continues to grow.

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is the rookie girl group to be introduced by YG seven years after BLACKPINK’s debut. Most of the pre-debut members are teenagers, consisting of three Koreans (Ahyeon, Haram, Rora), two Thais (Pharita, Chiquita), and two Japanese (Ruka, Asa). The reality show “Last Evaluation”, which selects the debut lineup for BABYMONSTER, releases a new episode every Friday at midnight.

Source: Sports Chosun

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