“She has buns on her stomach…” Awesome photos of girl group member who has been rumored to be dating Lee Chan-hyuk

There is a girl group member who wears buns on her stomach.

The main character is fromis_9 Lee Sae-rom, who has been rumored to be dating AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk.

chanhyuk saerom thumbnail

Recently, several photos of Lee Sae-rom taken at fromis_9’s concert held in late September and early October were uploaded on major online communities such as theqoo and Instagram, drawing attention. The photos surprised viewers by showing Lee Sae-rom’s “abs“, which were as clear as buns.

Lee Sae-rom, who boasts solid abs, is said to be a natural muscle spoon (muscle + gold spoon). She appeared on the YouTube channel run by Kim Jong-kook in May and showed the side of an athletic idol to her heart’s content. Lee Sae-rom, who has a solid body, is known to have worked as a fitting model before her debut.

fromis 9 saerom
fromis 9 saerom

Meanwhile, Lee Sae-rom was embroiled in dating rumors with Lee Chan-hyuk on Oct 19th. Suspicions have been regarding the two’s romantic relationship, including dating sightings and couple items. Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Sae-rom’s agencies, YG Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment, have not made any position in this regard.

Source: wikitree

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