Aussie YouTuber who loves Korea, HojuSara passed away after battling leukemia 

K-content creator HojuSara, who has more than 330,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, has passed away.

HojuSara’s Korean boyfriend announced on her YouTube channel on September 5th that HojuSara, who had been battling leukemia, has left this world.

In her comforting last message to her subscribers released through the video, HojuSara said, “If you are listening to this message, I am probably looking at you from the sky. Don’t be too sad. Treat each other kindly and eat a lot of delicious food.”

HojuSara started her career as a YouTuber in 2014. While she was receiving much love for uploading a lot of content such as vlogs about her daily life in Korea with her Korean boyfriend, she delivered the heartbreaking news that she was diagnosed with leukemia in May. 

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