Ariana Grande’s AI-generated covers of K-pop hit songs gain attention, concerns arise over the unconsented use of copyrighted songs  

A series of highly entertaining audio of Ariana Grande singing Korean songs is actually a product of AI, gaining mixed reactions. 

Following the emergence of AI-powered groups in K-pop, there is a new trend emerging in which a singer’s voice is imitated and recreated to produce a new singing performance using AI. Some of the notable examples recently include Drake’s “Control” “performed” by Ariana Grande, J. Cole’s “No Role Modelz” “performed” by Kanye West, and many more. 

Audio of Ariana Grande singing NewJeans’ “OMG” 

A series of audio of the Ariana “covering” Korean hit songs went viral online.  Songs such as NewJeans’ “OMG” and “Ditto”, FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid”, BLACKPINK Jennie’s “SOLO” or Red Velvet’s “Psycho” are performed anew through the unique voice of Ariana Grande. The technology brings a realistic sound from voice timbre, and dictation to minor details such as breathing to the performances of those songs. 

However, some are worried about the rapid development of this technology in the music industry and how AI will chart its future courses. When Drake was aware his voice was being “faked” by AI, he posted the rap part he did for Ice Spice’s “Much (Feelin’ U)” with the caption: “This is the final straw”, expressing discomfort. Moreover, copyright issues are also becoming a major problem. Universal Music Group has required music streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music to ban AI companies from accessing copyrighted songs to stop new fake songs from being produced.

Fans regret that Jisoo missed the opportunity to meet Ariana Grande.

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