Apink’s Jung Eun-ji revealed the reason why she became the female lead in “Reply 1997” despite having no experience

Jung Eun-ji of the group Apink recalled being casted for “Reply 1997” when she debuted as an actress.

In TV Chosun’s “식객 허영만의 백반기행” (Eater Huh Young-man’s Beakban Travel) which aired on February 4th, Apink’s Jung Eun-ji and Park Cho-rong appeared as guests to find out about Hwaseong’s food.

Jung Eun-ji, who is recognized for her outstanding skills as a singer and an actress, recalled her role in her first drama, “Reply 1997” saying, “It was a role that requires dialect.”

식객 허영만의 백반기행

“The director was originally a variety show director, and his first drama was “Reply 1997.” He wanted to do it with an actress who is well-known to a certain extent. I was a rookie and wasn’t sure if I’m good at acting, but I think he liked my Busan dialect. He laughed at my audition, saying, “I like it because it’s you, but why does it have to be you?”

식객 허영만의 백반기행

To Jung Eun-ji, who has recently been making headlines through “Work Later, Drink Now,” Heo Young-man said, “I heard you played a role that swears a lot. What kind of swears is it?” Jung Eun-ji hesitated to demonstrate the swears right on the spot and eventually replaced it with a video, saying, “It’s not something I can say in front of you.”

식객 허영만의 백반기행

Seeing this, Heo Young-man and Park Cho-rong were surprised and freaked out. Jung Eun-ji said, “It’s never my usual self. “It’s just acting,” she said.


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