Announcer Kim So-young shared, “I was scared of not wearing a bra. I wore it while sleeping even after getting married… If not, I would feel anxious”

Former announcer Kim So-young made a shocking confession about wearing underwear.

Kim So-young

On April 5th, Kim So-young made a long post telling a story about her own experience on her Instagram.

Kim So-young cautiously said, “To make a shocking confession, I wore a bra when sleeping in my own room and even during the time I was still single”.


She explained, “There were my father and younger brother, so I would feel anxious and scared if I didn’t wear it”.

Kim So-young said she maintained the habit of wearing underwear while sleeping for a long time until after getting married. She added, “Whenever my friends said they couldn’t stay home wearing bras for long because they couldn’t breathe, I often replied that I was fine with that”.

However, Kim So-young revealed that her habit of wearing underwear changed after giving birth.

Kim So-young

Kim So-young confessed her problem, saying, “After having a baby, the size of my upper body as well as pain in my chest and shoulder generally increased. I often suffer from indigestion after giving birth, so it’s hard to wear a bra even for a while”.

Meanwhile, Kim So-young married Oh Sang-jin, a former announcer, in 2017 and has a daughter. Kim So-young and Oh Sang-jin are currently living a busy daily life as they are operating a book cafe while doing broadcasting activities. 

Kim So-young-Oh Sang-jin
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