An intimate photo of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook spread on New Year’s Day?

Is “SpartAce couple” Song Ji Hyo – Kim Jong Kook the first couple revealed to be dating in 2022?

Every January 1st, fans of Korean celebrities are eagerly waiting for Dispatch to reveal dating news. Also today, an intimate photo of the Running Man‘s SpartAce couple was spread on SNS, making fans’ hearts flutter. In the photo, Song Ji Hyo shows a sweet smile while leaning on Kim Jong Kook’s shoulder. Netizens wonder if this is a leaked dating photo of the duo.

song ji hyo kim jong kook

In fact, up to this point, Dispatch has yet to reveal any dating news. The intimate photo between Kim Jong Kook – Song Ji Hyo was only shared by SpartAce shippers. Perhaps every Running Man fan is looking forward to Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo to confirm they are dating for real. 

Kim Jong Kook – Song Ji Hyo is considered a hot couple in Korea’s entertainment industry. In Running Man, the two are often enthusiastically “shipped” by other members. Although openly asserting that the two are just close colleagues and consider each other as family members, recently, Song Ji Hyo has had more lovely interactions with Kim Jong Kook!

song ji hyo kim jong kook
song ji hyo kim jong kook
Kim Jong Kook shyly had skinship with Song Ji Hyo
song ji hyo kim jong kook
The moment the two of them sat together at the park was also widely shared by netizens

Whatever the truth is, with the adorable interaction moments between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo on the show and in real life, netizens and fans in particular still hope that they will really become a couple in the future!

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