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“They rolled their eyes and got sweaty…” An actress who acted as a drug trafficker by referring to children playing

Actress Jin Seo-yeon surprised everyone by saying that she referred to children aged 4~5 playing when she acted as a drug trafficker in the movie “Believer”.

Actress Jin Seo-yeon revealed her secret to transforming into a brutal villain on MBC’s entertainment show “Radio Star“, which aired on August 10th.

Jin Seo-yeon said, “When I was filming the movie ‘Believer’, I was the biggest drug seller. I couldn’t try drugs myself, so I found someone around me who seemed to have taken drugs.”

She said she had referred to 4~5-year-olds playing, explaining that the high-tension energy continued as they rolled their eyes and got sweaty.

She revealed the behind-the-scenes story, “I had a lot of fun (while filming). Because I was a child. (For me) it was a situation where a child was playing. However, actor Ryu Jun-yeol, who filmed with me, said, ‘It’s so scary. Can’t you look at me?'”

Regarding this, MC Kim Gu-ra made everyone laugh by saying, “It must be hard for those children’s parents.”

On this day, Jin Seo-yeon confessed that the children she referred to as reference were not her acquaintances’ children, but through videos on SNS.

jin seo yeon

Jin Seo-yeon played Bo-ryeong, a drug trafficker, in the 2018 film “Believer”. After its release, she proved her acting skills by receiving favorable reviews such as “You look like a real druggie.”

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