An actor who got married to a junior 5 years younger than him after 7 years of dating

Let’s learn about Park Hae-joon, who gained widespread recognition through “The World of the Married” (2020).

Park Hae-joon

Park Hae-joon made his face known in earnest through the drama “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”. Since then, he has emerged as a popular actor by playing various roles with his handsome face. He has excellent acting skills, so it can be said that he is an actor with a wide spectrum.

Park Hae-joon

Just looking at his looks, you might think he will become a star at once. However, Park Hae-joon had been unknown longer than we thought. He made his debut in 2007 with the play “Almost, Maine”.

Park Hae-joon

Park Hae-joon lived in Busan and came to Seoul to attend the Korea National University of Arts. He is an actor with a perfect contrast between his virtuous and sharp appearances. He is still handsome now, but in the past, he was even called the second Jang Dong-gun of the Korea National University of Arts. 

Park Hae-joon

Park Hae-joon married Oh Yoo-jin, a junior 5 years younger than him at the Korea National University of Arts – Theater Academy, in 2001 after 7 years of dating. In the past, he became a hot topic when he mentioned his spouse on an entertainment program.

Oh Yoo-jin

Born in 1981, his wife Oh Yoo-jin debuted through KBS’s “Drama City” in 2005 and appeared in movies “Mai Ratima”, “Red Eye”, “Woman Is the Future of Man”, “Time”. They have two children and are said to have been a famous couple at school for their considerable beauty.

Actress Oh Yoo-jin is said to have been a supporter of Park Hae-joon‘s long unknown life. Rumor has it that fans are also hoping she will work side by side with actor Park Hae-joon.

Park Hae-joon

Meanwhile, Park Hae-joon once again surprises viewers with his acting transformation. He will return as a 44-year-old comical character in the drama “I Haven’t Done My Best Yet”. It is his first leading role after 16 years. Please look forward to seeing an uncle wearing stretched training outfits with bushy hair and a rough beard!

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