Amidst marriage rumors, Gong Hyo-jin’s past remark is being re-examined, “My mother is against marriage. She doesn’t teach me how to cook”

While actress Gong Hyo-jin is rumored to marry singer Kevin Oh, who is 10 years younger than her, netizens are looking back on her remark one year ago.

Appearing on the entertainment program “House on Wheels” in April last year, Gong Hyo-jin said, “My mother opposes marriage”, adding, “She told me to live alone if I can live well without getting married”.

gong hyo jin

The actress confessed, “My mother said she wouldn’t get married if she were me. She said, ‘You have works to do and no one could make you retire in your whole life. You have many friends who do the same job as you, so why should you get married if you can live on your own so well?’”

Gong Hyo-jin also revealed that her mother didn’t teach her how to cook. She once asked her mother about the recipe for braised beef short ribs, but her mother replied, “Don’t learn how to cook it. You can live well without knowing how to do it”.

gong hyo jin

When Gong Hyo-jin was asked, “Don’t you feel lonely when living alone?”, she said, “I really love being alone. I’m living a life in which I can do everything I want. Of course, it still feels better coming home with friends rather than being alone”

Management SOOP, Gong Hyo-jin’s agency, confirmed the dating rumor of Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh through Star News on April 1st. The agency said, “She is in a romantic relationship with Kevin Oh. They are dating well”.

Gong Hyo jin Kevin oh

Many netizens speculate that the two are dating on the premise that they will get married. This is because Gong Hyo-jin received the bridal bouquet at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s wedding on the 31st of last month. It is also reported that the two would get married by the end of this year.

However, the agency stated, “It is difficult to confirm anything about marriage because this is the actress’s private life issue”.


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