Amid Yang CEO’s allegation, an YG artist is bashed for hitting his senior BTOB on the head

On May 27th, WINNER appeared on “Idol Radio” to promote for their album as well as communicate with their fans and the audience. The host of the show is no one else but Ilhoon of BTOB. At the show, WINNER has sang live their newest title track “AH YEAH” and cover danced a series of different songs from different groups.

Because the conversation was quite open-minded with a warm atmosphere, the host started to joke with the WINNER’s members. Because he was sitting right beside Ilhoon, Seunghoon has jokingly hit the rapper of BTOB on the head with the stack of paper he was holding. Immediately, this behaviour is criticized by netizens because the relationship between the 2 male idols is not that close, and Ilhoon is even their seniors.

Knowing that he had done an impolite action towards his senior, Seunghoon wrote an apology on his official SNS account: “During today’s ‘Idol Radio,’ in an attempt to wrap things up in a fun way after the build-up tension, I hit Jung Ilhoon sunbaenim on the head, and for that I apologize. I also want to say sorry to Melodies who may have been hurt by what they saw. I will be a more careful Seunghoon in the future..”

Despite his apology, some K-netizens are still angry over his impolite action. While YG’s CEO has just got himself into some prositution allegation, Seunghoon made his company’s image even worse with his attitude controversy.

“I felt that when he appeared on Radio Star, he lacks filters when he talks”

“By the way, they’re not close to each other, that’s why his behavior cannot be rationalized”

“Is he crazy, does he hit people’s head that easily?? Would you hit your parents’ heads as a joke?ㅋㅋ I don’t care whether they’re close or not this makes me want to swear f*ck”

” I watched Lee Seunghoon on Radio Star and he seems very greedy to make jokes, it feels like he wants to be funny so bad he goes overboard”

Sources: kenh14

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