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“Amazing Saturday” with TWICE: Hanhae calls Nayeon an angel

TWICE members drew attention on “Amazing Saturday” with their refreshing charms as well as their random and lively sense of entertainment.

TWICE members Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung appeared on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”, which aired on June 25th.

Momo and Chaeyeong joined Nayeon on the show to celebrate her solo debut. Nayeon expressed her determination, “I thought I could listen to songs and guess them well but it turned out that I wasn’t good at it”, adding, “Since I’m not good at listening and guessing, I want to become a hero by figuring out the answer after knowing the hint later.” Momo said she would hand over the answer to Nayeon, the main character, even if she had the chance to become a hero. Chaeyoung mentioned her last appearance on “Amazing Saturday”, saying “I remembered that I ate a lot of snacks.”

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In the first round, they challenged Hyolyn’s “BAE”. Moon Se-yoon came out with his answer board but whispered to Key, asking if it was the word “chum-eul (dance)” instead of “ju-mook (attention)”. However, the answer couldn’t be changed because Moon Se-yoon already sang it. He then had to choose a hint. TWICE said, “We always decide things by majority vote”, choosing the hint of initial consonants. After seeing the hint, the cast members guessed that the word “crazy” was repeated. In the first round, they succeeded in finding out the correct answer in the second attempt with Key’s data analysis.

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The snack game was “Lyrics Square Quiz“. Participants had to guess the words to fill in the blanks in the lyrics. From the first question, various wrong answers such as “laminate“, “horn” and “tongue” appeared. However, the correct answer was “front teeth” that Moon Se-yoon said first. Key guessed the second question right. Key perfectly performed the choreography of LE SSERAFIM’s “Fearless”. Shin Dong-yup, who solved Miss A’s question, got help from TWICE. Taeyeon and Hanhae remained until the end. The question for the two was TWICE’s “Scientist“. Surprisingly, Hanhae made a good guess easily and Taeyeon could not eat snacks.

Nayeon Momo Chaeyoung TWICE

In the second round, they challenged f(x)’s “Vacance”. It was a song that Taeyeon and Key from the same agency did not know. Moon Se-yoon heard the lyrics “The juice in the fridge is not cold”. The main character of the one-shot was Key. Park Na-rae and Hanhae continued to claim that they heard “Sweat”. At this time, Nayeon said “Mimicry”. Park Na-rae and Hanhae cheered, saying “Come this way” after hearing Nayeon’s answer. In particular, Hanhae liked Nayeon, who was the only one who responded to his words, calling her an angel. He failed in the first attempt by a narrow margin and succeeded in the second attempt.

Nayeon Momo Chaeyoung TWICE

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