“All Of Us Are Dead” Park Ji-hoo talked about the enormous increase in her number of Instagram followers

Actress Park Ji-hoo talked about the change in her popularity in the latest episode of “Knowing Bros.”

JTBC’s variety program “Knowing Bros,” which aired on the afternoon of March 12th, featured the cast of the Netflix drama “All Of Us Are Dead.”

all of us are dead knowing bros

When asked, “Do you realize your popularity?” Park Ji-hoo said, “I had 2.7 million Instagram followers before appearing in the drama, but when I checked a while ago, it was 3.86 million.” “It was so amazing,” she said, talking about her changed popularity.

park ji hoo knowing bros

Lee Eun-saem said, “People didn’t recognize me at all. I took off my hat because I thought someone might recognize me on the subway. “Should I curse around (to get recognized)?” In response, the brothers said, “We are so surprised to see you looking younger than in the drama.”

park ji hoo knowing bros
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