AKMU member seems to be thinking of leaving YG, Knetz strongly support: “YG is just wasting their talents!”

What AKMU’s “big brother” shared made many people doubt that this talented duo is considering leaving YG Entertainment.

There have been many YG artists who chose to leave the agency. Although their general purpose is to find new directions for their careers, many people argue that the poor management and the series of scandals of this company are also the reason why artists want to find another place. Recently, Korean netizens have suspected that the AKMU duo seemed to be considering leaving YG through a conversation between member Chanhyuk and Lee Hi.

 AKMU is suspected of considering leaving YG

 Chanhyuk appeared in episode 2 of “#HOLO” – the documentary recording the process of creating Lee Hi’s upcoming music product. Former YG singer had a meeting with the male singer to consult with him on which company she should sign with.

To Lee Hi’s question, Chanhyuk answered, “Wait for awhile. I hope you’ll sign with me if I build one.”

Chanhyuk told Lee Hi to wait until he set up his own company
 Lee Hi said that Chanhyuk has been telling her this for 2 years

 Lee Hi shared that the AKMU member had talked about this plan for 2 years, and Chanhyuk confessed that he had a dream about Lee Hi’s voice. The male singer dreams about being the producer of Lee Hi’s songs and charting in Billboard. Nevertheless, Chanhyuk offered advice as a fan that he did not want her to pursue mainstream music, even though it could mean Lee Hi’s music would not be well-received.

 AKMU is a group of 2 brother and sister Chanhyuk and Suhyun, who debuted in 2014 with their first full album “PLAY”. They joined YG after winning the show Kpop Star 2. The duo is called a “digital monster” when their songs often rank high on charts.

But like many other artists in YG, AKMU rarely makes comebacks. After 6 years of active, they have only 3 full albums, 1 mini album and 1 single. Chanhyuk is the main producer of AKMU, he composed many songs for Suhyun to have a solo comeback during his military service. But the result was… she had no solo until her brother was discharged in mid-2019.

 Their latest song, “How can I love the heartbreak, I can tell the heartbreak, I have the heartbreak” was released in September 2019 but so far, the duo has not shown any signs of coming back. Therefore, the conversation between Chanhyuk and Lee Hi made many people think that he and his sister are thinking about leaving YG, especially when in only 9 months, the contract between AKMU and YG will expire.

But Korean netizens do not want to hold onto the relationship between AKMU and YG. On the contrary, they enthusiastically support the duo’s departure and say that without YG’s support, the two will still succeed.

Knetz commented:

 – Why would AKMU need YG 

-Chanhyuk sounds so cool… I think he’s gonna be a great CEO in the future…

-If I were him, I’d wish to leave YG too… 

-Whoa, I’m totally supporting his decision to leave YG…

-AKMU is already successful, they don’t even need any support from big companies anymore. I think they’re going to do just well even if they leave YG.

-I think Chanhyuk could build a really great company

-I’m rooting for your dream, Chanhyuk!

-Chanhyuk’s hairstyle is so… eye-catching…

-I’m rooting for AKMU!! Let’s leave YG!!

-All my favorite artists have left YG, except for AKMU. I can’t wait until they leave YG…

-I hope they ditch YG as soon as possible…

-It’d be nice if AKMU and Lee Hi build their own company!!

-I’m sure they’re going to do well if they leave YG!!

-Whoa… Chanhyuk sounds so cool

-Honestly, AKMU is going to do so much better if they leave YG. YG is just wasting their talent…

-I will always support you no matter what decision you take, Chanhyuk-ah… Suhyun-ah…

 As for Lee Hi, after leaving YG, she has not signed any contract with a new company. The singer is preparing to release a new song called “HOLO” on July 23. As a freelance artist, Lee Hi will temporarily promote under AOMG’s support.

Sources: pannative

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