“This isn’t me”, Aiki’s middle school graduation photo and grades revealed 

What was dancer Aiki’s middle school version look like? 

In episode 203 of MBC’s entertainment show “The Manager” to be broadcast on June 11th, dancer Aiki’s visit to her alma mater will be unveiled. After having a surprise performance in front of her juniors in the last episode, this week, she will meet her teacher and recall memories.

Aiki’s middle school

On this day, Aiki reunited with her homeroom teacher when she was in the second year of middle school. She expressed her gratitude to her teacher with carnations. However, the warm atmosphere did not last long. Her teacher recalled Aiki being a “haughty and sullen” kid back in the day, making her laugh. In response, she explained her expression during middle school and resolved the misunderstanding.

Aiki’s middle school

In this episode, her graduation pictures and exam results will also be revealed. A photo of middle schooler Aiki with bangs and cheek fat made everyone laugh because of how cute she looked. Among them, Aiki said, “I don’t think this is my picture. The picture seems to have changed.”

Aiki’s middle school

Aiki’s grades in middle school drew curiosity as she boasted her achievements earlier to the members of Hook, saying, “I even finished third.” Is it true that the dancer did well in studies? What was her dream during her school days that led her to become a professional dancer? These questions will be answered in the emotional reunion between Aiki and her teacher at 11:10 pm KST today in “The Manager”.  

Aiki’s middle school

Source: Daum

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