AI girl group’s member to make acting debut in new Kakao drama

Amid the growing number of Virtual Humans’ activities, AI idols are also expected to debut in dramas as well.

According to the Korean Economy on February 21st, Ready Entertainment, a subsidiary of Pulse9 and Kakao Entertainment, will showcase its four-part romantic comedy web drama “Hello Share (translated name)” on YouTube in March. 

And a supporting role will be portrayed by a special actress in this drama.


It’s an AI girl group member, Jae-in

Jae-in is a member of the virtual girl group “Eternity” created by Pulse9. It was introduced for the first time on January 29th through Instagram.


Eternity” is a girl group that debuted in March 2021. Since then, they have released songs and been engaged in various activities on YouTube. Jae-in is the first member to debut as an actress.

In the drama, Jae-in appears as an influencer, who is very popular on SNS. The male protagonist is a crush and a close friend of the female protagonist. 

Jae-in played an official role of a real person in the drama. There’s even a kiss scene scheduled. 

Earlier, member Rozy appeared as a cameo in the original TVing draft “Doctor Park’s Clinic.” Netizens are looking forward to Jae-in’s acting debut.

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