IVE’s Ahn Yu Jin gets angry at Na PD for calling her by full name, “Is she going through adolescence?”

IVE member Ahn Yu Jin refused to be called by her last name.

Episode 4 of tvN’s entertainment program “Earth Arcade 2”, which was aired on June 2nd, showed the four “earth warriors” Lee Eun Ji, Mimi, Lee Young Ji, and Ahn Yu Jin leaving for the winter kingdom Finland to catch Torong, who escaped to Earth.

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That day, PD Na Young Seok said, “Let’s start with Ahn Yu Jin”. In response, Ahn Yu Jin immediately corrected, “Ahn Yu Jin? It’s Yu Jin”. The members, who were standing next to her, teased Ahn Yu Jin, saying “Why are you so sensitive to getting called by your last name?”, adding “Is puberty hitting her?”.

When Na Young Seok reacted, “There are so many things I can’t understand”, Mimi provided a reasonable explanation, saying “Isn’t it like when your dad gets angry and calls you by your full name?”. At that moment, Ahn Yu Jin pretended to be an angry dad, saying “You, you little punk!”. Na Young Seok eventually apologized, saying “I’m sorry, Yu Jin ah.”

Afterwards, Ahn Yu Jin continued to emphasize her name without the last name, saying “It’s Yu Jin” whenever it was her turn. In response, Na Young Seok said, “Yu Jin seems to be going through adolescence these days. She keeps talking about herself in the third person…”. Hearing this, Mimi said, “Oh, let’s do it quickly”, drawing laughter as they eagerly wanted to start the game before eating the pizza.

Source: Nate

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