Ahn Yoojin finally could take photos with bubbles like Jang Won Young

Jang Won Young legendary bubble photos make Ahn Yoojin jealous. That’s why she jokingly asked fans to take the same photo of her with bubbles.

On April 21th, IZ*ONE held a fansign event at Cheongdam Art Hall.

When Ahn Yoojin came forward and had a solo photo session, Jang Won-young said : “You have got what you had always wanted. Bubbles.”

Ahn Yoojin asked fans “Everyone knows that Won Young is truly photogenic and recently she had a photo with bubbles, right?”

As fans pretended not to know, Ahn Yoojin said: “Didn’t you see this? Everyone!!” She described Jang Won Young’s face in the photos and smiled.

The members blew bubbles together towards Ahn Yoojin to make her wish come true . “Thank you. Let’s look for these pictures!” she said with a smile.

The legendary clip of the youngest member, Jang Won-young, taken at the IZ*ONE fan signing event held in Noryangjin, Seoul, on the 9th has become well-known.

On that day, Jang Won-young took photos with floating soap bubbles at the fansign event, and fans filmed it on camera.

Jang Won-young, wearing a garland presented by fans and mixing with bubbles, showed off her doll-like visuals, and the photos became spotlight on social media channels.

Ahn Yoojin, who was jealous of these pictures, asked fans to take her a good picture with the soap bubbles, and the fans granted her wish.

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