TXT announced their fandom’s name but it’s 100% identical to Tiffany’s (SNSD) fandom.

An extremely awkward situation has happened.

On the morning of April 25, Big Hit Entertainment announced that TXT’s official fandom name would be “YOUNG ONE”.

Explaining this name, Big Hit’s representative said this is the name that TXT agreed to choose from many suggestions from the fans. The “0” number is pronounced like “Young” in Korean, so this name means “We have nothing (young/0) and then we become one (1). Besides, “Young One” also means “forever” (영원, young-won) in Korean. Choosing this name, TXT does not hide the ambition of forever having their fandom to accompany them throughout their career.

However, an awkward situation happened.

In September 2018, more than half a year ago, Tiffany (SNSD) also announced her fandom name which is “Young One”.

This name also has a lot of meaning to Tiffany, apart from the meaning “forever”, Young One is also related to Tiffany’s stage name – Tiffany Young – as well as her Korean name Miyoung. Tiffany often writes MY SONE, which means Miyoung’s SONE. And this also proves that there is always a strong connection between SONE (SNSD’s fandom) and Young One (Tiffany’s fandom).

Currently, Big Hit Entertainment hasn’t given any comment about this incident yet.

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