Ahn Bo-hyun’s Appointment as Uniformed Personnel Ambassador: Impeccable Suit Fit Draws Admiration

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun's recent appointment as a uniformed personnel ambassador has been revealed.

In the 6th episode of tvN’s entertainment show “Backpacker 2” aired on June 30th, the traveling cooking team went on a mission to serve a nourishing meal to the firefighters at the Hwaseong Fire Station, which ranks first in nationwide fire dispatches.

On this day, the traveling cooking team received a request letter to prepare the best digestible and delicious nourishing meal for 110 people by 12 PM.

ahn bo hyun

Baek Jong-won, who guessed from the request letter that the client might be firefighters, explained, “It’s June now, the month of patriotism. When we think of patriotism, we only think of independence fighters and soldiers, but all uniformed personnel are included. Representative uniformed personnel include not only police officers and soldiers but also firefighters and correctional officers.”

Baek Jong-won suddenly remembered that Ahn Bo-hyun had been appointed as an ambassador for uniformed personnel. When Baek Jong-won said, “Isn’t that you?” Ahn Bo-hyun affirmed and shared how to greet uniformed personnel when meeting them. Baek Jong-won then commented, “If the whole nation knew this, they would feel proud when passing by.”

Meanwhile, in the released footage, Ahn Bo-hyun, in contrast to his easygoing appearance on “Backpacker 2,” impressed with his perfect suit fit, drawing admiration.

Source: daum

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