“Again My Life” has a perfect ending… Actor Lee Joon-gi expresses his feelings, “I was so happy”

Lee Joon-gi, who has proved his irreplaceable presence as a trustworthy actor, revealed his deep thoughts after “Again My Life” ended.

On May 28th, SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Again My Life” (written by J and Kim Yul/ directed by Han Chul-soo and Kim Yong-min) had a successful ending. Lee Joon-gi, who showed passionate acting performances, delivered his last greeting.

Lee Jun Ki

Through his agency Namoo Actors, Lee Joon-gi thanked his colleagues and fans, saying “It was all thanks to the directors, staff and the actors who were with me so that we could run together until the end. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Also, I’d like to thank fans who always support me”. The actor then expressed affection for his character, saying “I was so happy being Kim Hee-woo that I don’t want to say goodbye to this character this early. I think I might stay as Hee-woo for a while.”

Lastly, Lee Joon-gi said, “As always, I’m sharing my regrets for the end of a drama again. However, this regret and sad breakup can be another promise for a new encounter. I will return to you as a more sincere and better actor through other works.”

Lee Jun Ki

In “Again My Life”, Lee Joon-gi played the role of Kim Hee-woo, a talented and passionate prosecutor who lives a second life, portraying the character’s emotions in detail with his solid acting skills. In order to punish the villain Cho Tae-sub (Lee Geung-young), Kim Hee-woo designs a plan using the future details he remembers as well as leads team Hee-woo with his soft charisma, raising the viewers’ immersion in the drama. In addition, Lee Joon-gi, who was in charge of providing thrills on weekend nights with refreshing action scenes and the fierce revenge admit the rapid developments and suffocating tension of the drama, contributed the most to the popularity of “Again My Life” and left a strong lingering impression on the viewers.

Lee Jun Ki

“Again My Life” was definitely another challenge for the all-rounder actor Lee Joon-gi, who has built a splendid filmography with his stable acting skills while challenging various genres. He refused the casting offer for this drama once for fear of replicating his previous characters and images but then broke through all the worries and proved his power as a “one-top lead” by achieving all three goals, including ratings, hot topics and workability, with “Again My Life”.

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Joon-gi is trying to show a new look in every work with his constant acting variations. Attention is focused on what kind of acting he will perform in the future and give joy to the public with his excellent acting skills, which are harmonized with action and emotions.

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