After the most mysterious disbandment in K-Pop history, PRISTIN shocked fans with a comeback hint as a new group

Fans are excited after hearing  that PRISTIN members will re-debut together.

A while ago, fans were shocked after PRISTIN announced their disbandment 2 years after their debut and 7 out of 10 members have left PLEDIS. However, supporters of this girl group won’t be sad for long because a news source has reported that some members of PRISTIN will be together once again to create a whole new girl group!

Fans now have the chance to see PRISTIN once again in a whole new group

According to the source, those who have chosen to left PLEDIS has signed a new contract with another agency and are preparing to re-debut. This upcoming group will consist of PRISTIN ex-member and some new faces. Among them, Lim Nayoung – the ex-leader of PRISTIN will also be the leader for this new group.

Nayoung – leader of PRISTIN will also be the leader of this new girl group.

However, there’s still no information about whether there will be the all of the 7 members who have left PRISTIN (Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Lena, Siyeon and Kyla) or not. But this is still a good news for the PRISTIN’s fan community because they can now see their idols even though it won’t be the same line-up.

On the other hand, with this re-debut, many are questioning the mysterious disbandment of this group. The fact that many members left the former agency to debut together under another agency is raising the suspicion that there was an internal problem between members or between the group and their agency. Before disbandment, this girl group has gone on hiatus for more than a year and the agency hasn’t explained about this matter.

Source: Kenh14

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