After 7 Hours of Questioning, Min Hee-jin Calls Charges Against Her “A Comedy”

Min Hee-jin, who has completed 7 hours of police questioning, called the accusations against her “a comedy”.

On the evening of July 9, Min Hee-jin emerged from the Yongsan Police Station after her first round of questioning regarding allegations of breach of trust.

Despite the lengthy 7-hour interrogation, Min Hee-jin appeared rather upbeat. She stated, “Today’s investigation date wasn’t scheduled, but I have a lot to say, so I wanted to come in.” 

min hee jin

She continued, “The breach of trust charges are like a comedy to me,” and added, “There is a lot more evidence I need to submit, which I will provide through my lawyer.”

On the other hand, Min Hee-jin previously arrived at the Yongsan Police Station at 1:38 PM wearing a white T-shirt and her trademark cap. Upon arrival, she said, “I will speak the truth. The breach of trust charge is nonsensical.”

min hee jin

In fact, Min Hee-jin’s outfit, which is merchandise of girl group NewJeans, quickly went viral and even rose in price. 

Meanwhile, In April, HYBE, the parent company of ADOR, raised suspicions regarding Min Hee-jin’s alleged usurpation of management rights and subsequently reported her to the Yongsan Police Station.

In response, Min Hee-jin held a rebuttal press conference and filed for an injunction to prevent HYBE from exercising its voting rights. The court sided with Min Hee-jin, allowing her to maintain her position as NewJeans’ producer.

Source: Daum

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