aespa’s Winter showed off her cute cartoon character visual in “dumpling hair”

Winter, a member of the group aespa, showed off her cute visuals on stage, making fans excited.

aespa Winter

On December 1st, the 2021 MBC Music Festival (MBC Gayo Daejeon) was held at the MBC office building in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

In the second part of the event, aespa performed “Dreams Come True,” which is one of the representative songs of senior girl group S.E.S. and was recently remade and released by aespa.

aespa Winter

aespa members who transformed into innocent girls in line with the atmosphere of “Dreams Come True” attracted fans’ attention.

In particular, Winter caught people’s attention by showing off her princess-like visuals in a pink dress with jewelry and lace.

aespa Winter

With her fair skin and out-standing features, the idol also showed off a different hairstyle than usual.

Winter, tied in pigtails, so-called “dumpling hair,” looked like a cute cartoon character.

aespa Winter

The idol not only perfectly pulled off any hairstyle, but also boasted her more and more shining beauty on each stage, drawing fans’ admiration.

Winter also posted a photo on her official Instagram account after the positive response she received for her “dumpling hair.”

aespa Winter

In the picture, Winter put on a cute smile with a “cheek heart” expression, making viewers’ hearts flutter.

Meanwhile, aespa attended “SMTOWN LIVE 2022,” which is broadcast live online today (January 1st), and expressed her New Year’s wish, saying, “I want to make eye contact with MYs (aespa’s fandom name) and perform.”


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