aespa’s New Mini Album “My World” Pre-Orders Surpass 1.8 Million Copies

aespa has set a new record for pre-order sales.

aespa’s third mini-album, “My World,” which will be released on May 8th, has already surpassed a total pre-order quantity of 1.8 million copies (as of May 8th), breaking their previous record of 1.61 million copies for their second mini-album “Girls.” aespa has become a “2 consecutive million-seller” ahead of their comeback.

This album includes a variety of genres, including the title track “Spicy,” as well as b-side tracks “Welcome To MY World,” “Salty & Sweet,” “Thirsty,” “I’m Unhappy,” and “Til We Meet Again.”


In addition, aespa will hold a live broadcast on various platforms such as YouTube and TikTok and Idol Plus at 5 pm KST today, ahead of the release of their album. They plan to interact with fans through various segments, including introducing the 6 songs included in the album, album unboxing, and spoiler of their future activities.

aespa’s third mini-album, “My World,” will be released on various music sites at 6 pm KST today. The music video for the title track “Spicy” will also be available on YouTube’s SMTOWN channel simultaneously.

Source: daum

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