aespa Karina’s stunning visuals with bun hair is being compared to a cartoon character

Karina, a member of famous girl group aespa, once again showed a different top-notch look

For two days on August 6th and 7th, aespa held their 1st solo showcase “aespa Japan Premium Showcase 2022 SYNK” at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Japan. 

Here, fans were immediately drawn to Karina’s unique visuals, which look as if made of computer graphics. 


In particular, at the showcase, Karina put her dark purple hair into 2 braids and then tied them up, creating the “side bun” hairstyle. Coupled with her bangs, large eyes, and makeup style that emphasized her glowing skin, Karina served a true visual feast without the need for filters. 

Many people at the showcase cheered loudly when Karina first appeared in his cute hairstyle, which also looked chic and sophisticated. 

In addition, they started to comment that with her striking beauty and double bun hair, Karina looks like an adult version of the popular Japanese character “Peko-chan”, citing resemblances in their big eyes, slim and cute face, and high nose.

On the other hand, aespa’s Japanese showcase attracted 920,000 people to apply for their tickets via a lottery system. Among them, 40,000 spectators were selected to attend. 

At the showcase, aespa performed a total of 9 tracks, including their hit songs “Black Mamba”, “Next Level”, as well as their latest release “Girls”. 

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