aespa Experienced Scary Airport Scene, Netizens Blame Chinese Fans?

The recent airport experience of aespa roused worries among Korean netizens, who put the blame on Chinese fans.

At late night on July 2, a topic titled “aespa experienced chaos at the airport” was published on the Korean forum theqoo, attracting over 70,000 views and 200 comments. 

The topic in question attached a video of aespa being swarmed and pushed at the airport upon their arrival in Korea, with a lot of loud shouting in the background, rousing worries among netizens. 

At the same time, many Korean netizens firmly believe this to be the fault of Chinese fans, who are known to be passionate when it comes to showing their love. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • It seems even worse when members receive airport letters as gifts. Shouldn’t the company ban it?
  • They’re all Chinese. They come after all the idols when they enter and leave the country. Look at the media videos. They’re the ones I see all the time. I hate Chinese people so much.
  • I think it was worse than usual because there were a lot of foreigners 
  • There are so many Chinese fans at the airport these days, it’s a mess
  • At that level, it’s not like there are that many people, and once there’s a Chinese person, they’re all like that, yeah
  • Aren’t they Chinese??? I can hear Chinese. I’ve seen idols at airports a few times, and Korean kids would swarm them and take pictures, but they wouldn’t yell like that… They just held up their phones

Source: theqoo

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