aespa “Dispute over SM’s management rights, it’s time to reorganize rather than being confused”

Girl group aespa expressed feelings about making a comeback with their third mini album after the dispute over SM Entertainment’s management rights.

On the afternoon of May 8th, the press conference to commemorate the release of aespa’s third mini album “My World” was held at COEX InterContinental Seoul COEX Auditorium, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Previously, SM Entertainment suffered a management rights dispute due to friction between former executive producer Lee Soo Man and the current management. Accordingly, aespa was scheduled to release a new album on Feb 20th, but it was postponed. After the management rights dispute was over, aespa was able to return to fans. SM’s current management opens the 3.0 era, starting with aespa.


When asked if there was any change in mental attitude with the company’s reorganization, Winter replied, “There was no direct impact on us. We focused only on our team.”

She added, “Rather than being confused (due to the company’s dispute), we focused on how to present ‘Spicy’ well. We were more worried about our fans than the company’s situation. Actually, nothing significant happened to us. It’s similar to before. We spent more time thinking about how to develop.”


Karina confessed, “The 10-month hiatus was a period of reorganization. We worked out and managed mental aspects. The members also encouraged each other. We have the same staff members who have been with us since our debut. We prepared the album by talking a lot with them.”

Meanwhile, aespa’s third mini album “My World” was released on various music sites at 6 PM on May 8th.

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