Actress who was once accused of assaulting her co-star: Runner-up in a beauty contest, still very attractive in her 60s

Kim Cheong was a well-known beauty in the 80-90s. 

Once accused of physically abusing a co-star

Kim Cheong, born in 1962, once came under fire when a junior actress, Heo Yi Jae, accused her of taking advantage of a drama scene to physically assault her co-star.

Specifically, in the drama “You are a gift”, Heo Yi Jae had to film many scenes of her character being beaten by Kim Cheong’s character. In a scene where Kim Cheong hit Heo Yi Jae, Heo Yi Jae suffered a drop in blood pressure. She was shocked because she was constantly grabbed by her senior by the hair. 

Heo Yi Jae asked to take a break but Kim Cheong refused, saying that if she let go of her hair now, her emotions in the scene would be interrupted. Heo Yi Jae also said that Kim Cheong intentionally wore a very large ring on the day of filming to slap her.

The director even asked Kim Cheong to remove the ring because it might hurt Heo Yi Jae, but Kim Cheong didn’t agree. As a result, Kim Cheong put on that ring and slapped Heo Yi Jae very hard.

Kim Cheong was accused of taking advantage of the scene to physically abuse her co-star
Heo Yi Jae and Kim Cheong

After this incident, Heo Yi Jae even quit acting for many years. She only had the courage to speak up later to call out Kim Cheong. In response to such allegations, Kim Cheong stayed silent.

A beauty contest runner-up who worked hard acting to pay the debt for her family

Kim Cheong entered the entertainment industry when she won 2nd place in a beauty contest held by MBC. She then continued to challenge herself in MBC’s talent search contest and stopped at 14th place.

In 1981, she began her acting career. Since then, she has been continuously cast to star in big projects of MBC and many other television stations.

Having a beauty that is loved by Koreans, Kim Cheong easily won the hearts of the audience. She used to be envied by many people when she was born into a well-off family that allowed her to freely follow her dream without having to worry about anything.

But things soon took a turn when her family went bankrupt, fell into debt. She had to work extra hard to pay off her mother’s debt. In about 13 years of hard work, she managed to save her family.

Kim Cheong’s beauty when she was young 

Surprising beauty in her 60s

From the 2000s onwards, Kim Cheong rarely acted. She also did not receive as many offers as before, so she has spent more time on herself.

Currently, Kim Cheong is 61 years old and surprises the audience with her appearance. Despite being in her 60s, Kim Cheong still boasts youthful energetic vibes and does not even hesitate to show off her sexy bikini look.

Kim Cheong’s surprising appearance in her 60s

Source: K14

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