Actress Kim Jae-kyung, “Lee Joon-gi is my role model. He communicates well with all the staff on the filming set”

Kim Jae-kyung appeared on “Heo Young Man’s Food Travel” and picked actor Lee Joon-gi as her role model.

Kim Jae-kyung, an actress and former member of girl group Rainbow, appeared as a guest on TV Chosun’s “Heo Young Man’s Food Travel” while leaving for Seocheon, Chungnam Province. 

On this day, Heo Young-man and Kim Jae-kyung went to taste steamed monkfish, following cuttlefish and Seocheon Pango-style cold noodles. The menu of the restaurant they visited was really simple with only steamed dishes and two kinds of soups, but there were plenty of side dishes.

While eating seasoned crab, Kim Jae-kyung exclaimed, “The inside is soft and chewy with a little spicy taste”. Heo Young-man also expressed his satisfaction, saying “I may end up eating only this one”.

Later, the steamed monkfish with an overwhelming size appeared. Surprised by the huge size of the dish that is said to be the “medium size” at the restaurant, Kim Jae-kyung wondered, “Then how big is the ‘extra large’ one?”

The two were amazed once again by the fact that there were so many monkfish in the dish. Heo Young-man recommended Kim Jae-kyung eat the fins then Kim Jae-kyung kept on exclaiming, “The texture is so delicious”.

After the meal, Heo Young-man asked Kim Jae-kyung about her role model. The actress mentioned Lee Joon-gi and said, “His attitude on the filming set was really great. It seems like he communicated well with all the staff”.

Heo Young-man asked, “If I invited him on ‘Heo Young Man’s Food Travel’, would he appear?”, Kim Jae-kyung replied, “I think he would love to taste delicious food”.

Kim Jae-kyung then made a video letter at the suggestion of Heo Young-man. She said, “Sunbaenim, please come on the show for once. You can taste delicious food and have some talks with Mr. Heo Young-man”.

After Kim Jae-kyung finished her video letter, Heo Young-man looked at the camera and said, “I’m going to serve you great food”, drawing laughter with his enthusiastic appearance. 

Source: daum

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