Actress Han Chae-young Addresses Husband’s ‘Divorcee’ Rumor: ‘No Child Involved’

Actress Han Chae-young clarified rumors about her husband being a 'divorcee'

On the SBS variety show ‘Take Off Your Shoes, Dol Sing Four Men’ aired on the 11th, Han Chae-young revealed that the rumor about her husband being remarried originated from a photo taken with her nephew. She explained, “My nephew likes my husband so much that he sat next to him, and my sister was next to me, but my sister wasn’t in the photo, just the three of us,” leading to the misunderstanding.

During the broadcast, Han Chae-young also opened up about her married life, emphasizing that her relationship with her husband is still strong.

han chae young

She shared, “It’s been 17 years since we got married, but we’re still happy,” and recounted stories about a 500 million won ring she received early in their marriage and a surprise car gift.

She also mentioned that after their child was born, there were differences of opinion which changed their communication style as a couple.

Han Chae-young said, “Our rule as a couple is not to fight in front of our child,” explaining that they exchange opinions via text.

han chae young

Comedian Kim Jun-ho also appeared on the broadcast, adding to the fun with a cheerful conversation with Han Chae-young.

Kim Jun-ho brought laughter by comparing his leg length to Han Chae-young’s and creating a forced connection by saying he had also applied to Dongguk University, where Han Chae-young studied.

When Han Chae-young praised Lim Woo-il’s wit, Kim Jun-ho encouraged Lim Woo-il to show his facial impressions, adding more laughter.

SBS’s ‘Take Off Your Shoes, Dol Sing Four Men’ airs every Tuesday evening.

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