Actor Kim Bum boasts timeless visual 14 years after “Boys Over Flowers”

A past-versus-present comparison photo of Kim Bum puts the audience in awe.

Recently, netizens are taking a look-back at Kim Bum’s old photos and comparing them to his present-day images. As expected, the actor never loses his youthful appearance 14 years after his first big role with “Boys Over Flowers”.

 Kim Bum

With a bouquet in hand, the only thing that changes is the actor’s handsomeness and hairstyle.

Kim Bum was born in 1989 and got shot to stardom with the high school-themed drama “Boys Over Flowers”. He left an indelible mark with a sweet smile on the hit series.

kim bum thumbnail

Nonetheless, the actor struggled to maintain the heat and build a career on that initial success. Most of his latter dramas went under the radar and Kim Bum could not break away from the shadow of his previous role. At the same time, he went public twice, with Moon Geun Young and Oh Yeon Seo. Unfortunately, neither romantic relationship worked out.

Luckily, Kim Bum’s career is looking up thanks to his performances in dramas such as “Ghost Doctor” or “Tale of the Nine Tails 1938”.

Source: k14 

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