Accused of copying aespa’s logo, Chinese female idol Xilinnayi Gao said: “ We are still using it ever since”

Xilinnayi Gao insists she did not copy the logo of aespa.

Xilinnayi Gao, a former Bonbon Girls 303 member, was recently accused of copying the aespa logo. Many netizens pointed out that the logo for the female singer’s new EP is similar to aespa’s previous design.

In response to the dispute, her studio stated: “This logo was inspired by a painting Xilinnayi Gao created in July 2020, which is represented by the characters X and G in her name and we have used it ever since”

After the studio spoke up, Xilinnayi Gao also shared on SNS the song “TIng” (Come on, and tell me), which belongs to the newly released EP. Netizens think that this is the female idol’s way of responding to malicious rumors.

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