A top K-drama actress and her big heart: Paid the full wedding fee for her manager and a junior actor 

This heartwarming story was recently told by actor Ahn Shin Woo on the program “AM Plaza”. 

This A-list actress has a personality that is just as pretty as her face.

Actor Ahn Shin Woo made a guest appearance on the September 26th broadcast of KBS1’s program “AM Plaza”. 

Lee Young Ae

On this day, Ahn Shin Woo introduced himself as a father of a four-month-old child. He got married late. He became a husband just before turning 50. Ahn Shin Woo’s wife is the manager of actress Lee Young Ae.

He recalled, “I was in the same agency as Lee Young Ae, and my wife was working as a manager at that agency.”

Lee Young Ae

Ahn Shin Woo said that he received a lot of help from Lee Young Ae while working with her in the drama “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”. At the time, he got a lot of personal time with his current wife. He explained, “Lee Young Ae invited us to her house and told us many good things about marriage.”

Ahn Shin Woo continued to express his gratitude for Lee Young Ae, saying, “I am very grateful. Lee Young Ae even took care of our wedding hall and paid for my wife’s wedding expenses.”

Lee Young Ae

When Ahn Shin Woo’s wife was sick, Lee Young Ae was revealed to have helped Ann Shin Woo take care of her.

Ahn Shin Woo confessed, “My wife collapsed from a brain hemorrhage two years ago and was taken to the intensive care unit. Fortunately, she overcame the danger, but during that time, I had to take care of our child alone while juggling work, so I had a difficult time.”

Lee Young Ae

He added, “At that time, Lee Young Ae and her husband gave me a lot of support, both financially and mentally, as if they were taking care of a younger brother. They are like my benefactors.”

Meanwhile, Lee Young Ae made her debut in the entertainment industry with a chocolate CF in 1990. Since then, she has built up her filmography by appearing in successful dramas such as “Dae Jang Geum”, “Saimdang, Light’s Diary”, and “Inspector Koo”. 

Lee Young Ae

Lee Young Ae’s husband is a Korean-American businessman. He is known to be ultra-rich as he reportedly owns a fortune of 2 trillion won.

Ahn Shin Woo, who debuted as a musical actor a year later than Lee Young Ae, was selected through an open talent recruitment hosted by MBC in April of the same year. After getting discharged from the military, he became an actor in 1995. 

Lee Young Ae

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