A surprising marriage between an actor and a member from famous Kpop girl group

A male actor and a former Kpop girl group member recently announced their marriage.

In particular, former 9MUSES Keumjo and actor Baek Ki Bum will get married soon. 

On May 28th, Keumjo released a wedding pictorial on her Instagram, and announced her upcoming wedding, writing: “I’m writing you this because I have news that I want to deliver. I’m still nervous about how to start, and I’m scared that fans will be disappointed”.

“But as this is a big decision in life, I think I need to be the first to inform you guys in person. I have met a person I love and make a life-long promise to, and who I am going to marry this September. The name of this person is Cho Sung Jae, though more people will know him as actor Baek Ki Bum”, she added. 


Keum Jo also wrote: 

“I’ve been comfortable deciding and doing everything by myself so far, and I used to not be able to rely on anyone. But he is wiser  and smarter than anyone I have ever seen, and has the flexibility and warmth to listen to me. In addition, throughout my time being with him, his image still remains as reliable.

I think a lot of people were surprised by the sudden news, but I think it would be perfect if you could cheer for our future warmly.”

The former idol also concluded that even though she is getting a new start, she will still pursue her dream as a singer if the situation permits. 

Below are some wedding photos published by Keumjo.

Source: Wikitree

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