“A super luxurious lineup,” the agency founded by Kim Jun-su to make an unusual move 

Singer and representative of the PalmTree Island, Kim Jun-soo (XIA), will present a Gala concert with artists from his agency.

PalmTree Island recently announced on its official SNS that it will hold a solo gala concert “2022 PALMTREE ISLAND 1st GALA CONCERT” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium for three days from September 23rd (Fri) to 25th (Sun). 

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PalmTree Island is an agency established by Kim Jun-soo in November last year after leaving C-Jes Entertainment, where he has been working for more than 10 years. All of the agency’s actors, including Kim Jun-su, the representative of PalmTree Island, Kim So-hyun, Jung Sun-ah, Jin Tae-hwa, Seo Kyung-soo, Kei and Yang Seo-yoon, will participate in the concert. Attention is already focusing on what kind of powerful combination and chemistry will be presented by these 7 musical actors with 7 different colors.

palmtree island

On top of that, music director Yang Ju-in, who is in the spotlight in the musical world with various leading works such as “Wicked,” “Kinky Boots,” “The Bridge of Madison County” and “Red Book,” will join in the production team, adding synergy. A feast of 7 artists from PalmTree Island and a full orchestra led by music director Yang Ju-in is raising the audience’s expectations.

PalmTree Island’s first solo concert promises to provide the audience a special excitement just by bringing together actors who have not been able to work together on the same stage. In this concert, fans can see the musical numbers of various works as well as fantastic stages reconstructed to fit with the actors’ own personalities. 


According to the agency, all actors, including Kim Jun-su, are preparing hard to present the best stages. The gala concert, which will be joined by all PalmTree Island artists, is expected to mark a new and fresh start in the musical world.

“2022 PALMTREE ISLAND 1st GALA CONCERT” will be held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium for three days from September 23rd (Fri) to 25th (Sun).

Source: Dispatch

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