A story that made netizens laugh: “On my way home after drinking, I ran into zombies…”

The story of A, who ran into zombies on the way home while being drunk, attracts great attention.

The story of A, who ran into zombies on the way home while being drunk, was posted on the Internet. It turned out that A passed the set of Netflix’s zombie drama “All of Us Are Dead“, which brought laughter to netizens.

all of us are dead

On Jan 14th, an article titled “I used to go home at dawn after drinking, and zombies were sitting there as soon as I entered the alley” was uploaded on the Daum Cafe account “Back Alley Lab”.

A talked about his feelings at that time, “My legs were stiff and I thought something was going to happen within 3 seconds.” He added, “At that moment, I made eye contact with the zombies. But the zombies embarrassingly told me to pass by because they were filming. I almost cried.” A seems to have gone by the set of “All of Us Are Dead” near his house.

all of us are dead

A shared his second post on Jan 25th. He explained the situation at that time in detail, “Everyone said they would have fainted if they had been in such a situation. If the zombies had been standing still or approaching me, I would have passed out with bubbles in my mouth. However, all the zombies there were sitting against the wall with dead eyes. They were not interested in me.”

He continued, “Some zombies were lying down. So it wasn’t that scary. And if I was really surprised, I couldn’t even scream. It was in the top three most shocking things in my life. It’s been over a year, but I suddenly remembered it when the video of ‘All of Us Are Dead’ was released.”

all of us are dead

Netizens responded enthusiastically to the absurd story of meeting zombies on the street. theqoo users left comments such as “If I had seen zombies after drinking, I would have really fainted”, “After watching the drama, I realized that there are many people in Korea who are good at acting like zombies”, “The drama was filmed in my neighborhood. I’m glad to enjoy it in broad daylight”, “The zombies must have felt awkward and had all sorts of thoughts”…

all of us are dead
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