A popular celebrity was caught in a “violent physical fight” at a restaurant

Chae Ri Na, a member of the legendary co-ed group Roo’ra, was seen “fighting” in a restaurant.

On Jan 10th, Chae Ri Na posted on her Instagram a video with the caption, “It was fierce..It’s so hard to pay for a meal once. Physical fights.”

Chae Ri-na

The released video and photos shows Chae Ri Na fighting with her acquaintances to pay for the meal at a restaurant. In particular, Chae Ri Na in the photo showed a rather passionate appearance, drawing laughter. She also praised her husband’s fast reflex in a comment, saying, “Our husband who took this at the right moment is also amazing.”

Chae Ri-na
Chae Ri-na

Furthermore, Chae Ri Na also shared delicious food videos such as soy sauce marinated crab, mulnaengmyeon, and shabu-shabu. Chae Ri Na also answered questions about the restaurant that she and her acquaintances visited.

Meanwhile, Chae Ri Na married Park Yong Geun, a former baseball player six years younger than her in 2016.

Source: Wikitree

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