A netizen donated 961,200 won to 10 social organizations at Kang Daniel’s birthday

Wanna One Kang Daniel received a meaningful birthday present.

A fan (called A) of Kang Daniel made a donation at his birthday. To match his birth on December 10, 1996, A delivered 961,200 won to 10 organizations in time for his birthday.

A released the donation certificate on Twitter account on the past five days. The donation certificate that A released is making headlines with good influence.

A says this one started making donations last November. In line with Kang’s birthday on the 10th, A donated 96,200 won to the Korea Blood Children’s Foundation.

In addition, the donation was also given to the Korea Pediatrics Foundation, UNICEF, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders, Animal Rights Action Cara, Animal Rights Group Care, Green Usan Children’s Foundation, the Beautiful Foundation, and the Independent Elderly Support Center.

“I hope Kang’s 23rd birthday will be a little warm, and this year, I’m going to give him a little heart,” this one said. “I pray that it will be a small light to light up tomorrow for those who are struggling with a difficult fight.”

It wasn’t the first time this one donated. Last year, it was also reported that A donated money for Kang’s birthday.

The Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, which received donations from A last year, said they would like to extend their gratitude to the fan who gave warm love to children with childhood cancer and to Kang Daniel for giving.

 Netizens responded by saying: “You must be proud of yourself,” “Angel-san,” “It’s not easy to donate,” and “That’s a good influence.”

Source: Dispatch

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