A Kpop girl group is accused of mocking Jang Won Young’s eating style 

Kpop girl group ALICE, formerly known as ELRIS, drew attention by making a parody of Jang Won Young’s “strawberry mukbang”

On December 9th, a video titled “ALICE ‘DANCE ON’ music show behind the scenes EP.02” was published on the official YouTube channel of girl group ALICE. 

The video contains footage of ALICE members, who are actively performing their new title song “DANCE ON”, which was released on October 27th, on music shows.

There was also a scene where member Yeonje, who was in the waiting room, revealed a gift from a fan, which was a box of huge strawberries. Then, another member read a fan’s comment on the chat window saying, “Can you eat with both hands?”


Seeing this, all the members, including Yeonje, bursted into laughter, and eventually members Sohee and Yeonje started to hold strawberries with both of their hands while doing an “eating show” in front of the camera. 

Jang Won Young

In the past, IVE member Jang Won Young was criticized for “faking cuteness” because she ate a strawberry with both hands. Therefore, some netizens who saw ALICE doing the same became suspicious and left comments such as, “Are they mocking Jang Won Young’s strawberry eating style?”, and “It’s a little ambiguous”


Meanwhile, others contended that ALICE was just following the request of their fans, saying, “It seems more like a parody than mockery”, “The members have no idea, but the fan who commented may have ridicule intent”, and “I see no problem at all.” 

Source: Nate

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