A “K-pop Star” singer reportedly stopped a fire that almost broke out in Gwangjin last night (Nov 3rd)

Singer Jo Gon prevented a fire accident from happening in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul last night.

On November 3rd, Jo Gon, a singer-songwriter and a member of the band 9001, surprised everyone when he revealed on his Instagram that he had personally suppressed a fire accident that almost occurred in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. 

jo gon

The photo he released shows firefighters putting out a fire. Jo Gon added a caption, saying “Anyone can prevent fire. The fire extinguisher that I often carry around with me was really helpful”. The singer said he prevented the fire from breaking out at the scene with a portable fire extinguisher he had in his bag.

jo gon

In another photo, he captured a thank-you text message he received from Gwangnaru District Office. The District Office said, “Thanks to your report that we were able to take immediate actions and prevent further damage. You’ve done a great help in keeping the safety of the citizens”, expressing their gratitude. Proud of his action, Jo Gon added a witty caption, saying “Gwangjin Hero solved a case today”.

jo gon

Jo Gon’s posts surprised many people and they spread to various online communities, such as theqoo, and Twitter. In response, Twitter users poured out compliments for him, saying “I couldn’t believe it. It’s my first time seeing someone carrying a fire extinguisher along”, “He’s Jo Gon from Superband”, “He did something that people might ignore and pass by. He’s so cool”, etc.


Jo Gon is appearing on Mnet’s entertainment show “Artist Stock Game”. He made his official debut in 2017 after appearing in Season 6 of SBS’s K-pop Star” (2016). Later, he also appeared on JTBC’s 2019 program “Superband”

Source: wikitree

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