A K-pop official admitted to arranging prostitution for Chairman K of a conglomerate company

C complained about the pressure of arranging prostitution for Chairman K.

It is revealed through a document that C, a former Mnet media’s performance official, admitted to arranging prostitution for Chairman K of conglomerate company L, causing a stir inside and outside the entertainment industry. In the text message he sent to Chairman K, C expressed his shame about doing so. It has also been confirmed that C was recently accused of criminal charges by Yoon, CEO of a music planning company, after being pointed out as a person involved in expedient deals on music charts.

Confirming with officials in the industry on April 27th, The Fact confirmed that the source of allegations rumored to be “Kadeora News Agency” was not true. C is known to be a former staff who worked on performances at Mnet Media Corp., which conducts businesses such as music distribution, digital media, and broadcasting as a subsidiary of CJ ENM. Related information came to the surface after recent articles on expedient music chart transactions of large companies were revealed to the public.

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D Music’s CEO Yoon, who is well-known as an original Hallyu record producer in the music industry, filed a complaint against C to the police station on the 20th of this month on the charge of fraud, saying, “He exploited the weaknesses of small record producers to cheat on digital sales”. Yoon also submitted evidence stating the cause-and-effect relationship between C and Chairman K to support his claim of damage.

CEO Yoon is the K-pop producer who created the girl group Baby V.O.X (Lee Hee-jin, Shim Eun-jin, Kan Mi-youn, and Yoon Eun-hye) in the late 1990s. He is also filing a lawsuit against K, an investment music content operator of the large company K, for compensation for the transfer of music copyrights.

Chae Hong Sa

According to CEO Yoon, C was threatened by Chairman K so he asked CEO Yoon, whom he was arguing about expedient transactions with, to reveal the fact about his arranging prostitution action. The evidence attached to the complaint and statements submitted by CEO Yoon, in February last year, C admitted to arranging prostitution. C was forced to engage in prostitution by Chairman K. C said, “I have been doing anything that Chairman K wanted me to do”.

In an exclusive interview with The Fact on April 26th, CEO Yoon said, “When C was kicked out of the company due to embezzlement in the process of expanding K’s business, C leaked Chairman K’s embarrassing behaviors as a defense measure”.

Regarding the reason why C could not immediately inform the police of Chairman K assaulting him at that time, CEO Yoon said, “C, who felt his life was at risk, came to see me, who knew the inside story better than anyone else, and asked for help. He wanted to let the world know about Chairman K’s immoral appearance by showing evidence that he was the person who arranged prostitution for Chairman K”.

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C, who was the CEO of company K, once acted like Chairman K’s hands and feet, causing damage to CEO Yoon of D Music. According to CEO Yoon, C was kicked out of company K on charges of breach of trust and embezzlement. When he did not get on well with Chairman K, he came to him and discussed everything honestly.

Regarding the evidence to support this, CEO Yoon said, “There are messages that C sent directly to Chairman K. C recruited women (models, etc.) for Chairman K and took them to a villa in Namwon. All messages have been submitted to the police.”

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In fact, C’s text messages, which were obtained exclusively by The Fact, even described the detailed characteristics of “arranging prostitution”. As a result of analyzing, the message that C delivered to Chairman K seemed to be a subtle threat, saying, “If you further drive me into the corner, I’ll expose the immoral things in the past to the world.” 

Regarding this, CEO Yoon said, “Right after announcing the disclosure of ‘arranging prostitution’, company K withdrew the charges of breach of trust and embezzlement against C, and even paid monetary compensation to C. C, who desperately asked me for help, has not contacted me anymore from that point on.”

Chae Hong Sa

The Fact tried to contact Chairman K several times by text messages and phone calls to confirm whether a series of claims related to “arranging prostitution” were true, but he could not be reached. While inquiring about his position through various channels, The Fact had a difficult conversation with one of the key officials around Chairman K, but he declined to say, “I don’t know the details.”

C, who sent threatening text messages to Chairman K, also cut off the news after contacting reporters once. When asked by reporters on April 15th about the unfair trade among music producers at the time, C said, “Did you contact me after getting information from CEO Yoon? This way they won’t budge. CEO Yoon has no choice but to take the initiative himself. I have nothing to say.”


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