A hot topic just by returning to Korea, is Kim Seon-ho making a comeback? Will “Sad Tropical” shake off his controversy?

Some people may not like this fact, but Kim Seon-ho is still a hot topic that attracts attention just by entering the country. This is why the public are even more curious about his future moves.

Kim Seon-ho returned to South Korea via Incheon International Airport on the morning of April 18th. He was on his way back from filming the movie “Sad Tropical” (directed by Park Hoon-jung) in Thailand. On this day, he wore a white hoodie on top of a khaki T-shirt, shorts and slippers. He dressed very comfortably as if he didn’t expect reporters to be at the airport waiting for him.

Reporters and fans who found him instantly swamped him. He just walked out of the airport with his head down. He seemed cautious throughout the whole time, and it was reported that he answered the reporters’ questions in silent tribute instead.

Kim Seon-ho

This is the first time in more than six months that Kim Seon-ho appeared in front of reporters. As he had disappeared from public appearances, the only times someone saw him in public was at Jeju Island and Thailand, the filming location of “Sad Tropical.” His stay at the airport was short, but the reaction was explosive. 

As the news spread, attention was naturally drawn to the timing of Kim Seon-ho‘s return. His comeback film is predicted to be “Sad Tropical.” “Sad Tropical” is a new film directed by Park Hoon-jung, who directed “The Witch” and “Night of Paradise,” The movie is an action noir story in which a boy, who used to be a boxer, is targeted and pursued by a mysterious gang.

“Sad Tropical” seems to be the best return film for Kim Seon-ho, who was embroiled in a controversy in November last year that he urged his ex-lover A to abort the baby under the guise of marriage. Although the suspicions have been resolved, the story was still not light at all, so he and the production company had no choice but to consider the burden if he became the main character of a romance work immediately.

Kim Seon-ho

Aside from the formula of “a work to return to the industry after a controversy,” “Sad Tropical” is a remarkable work. This is because it is Kim Seon-ho‘s debut on the silver screen. This is expected to be a major aspect to show whether he will be able to prove his strong box-office power, as he had become a popular actor by making consecutive hits like tvN’s “Startup” and “Hometown Cha Cha Cha Cha.”

In the end, Kim Seon-ho‘s comeback is expected to coincide with the success of “Sad Tropical.“Given the cases of several male actors who were troubled by similar scandals, their questionable images are likely to be diluted if their work is a big success or if the actor performs acting skills that are irreplaceable,” a broadcasting insider told Sports Seoul on April 19th, “The public might hate the phrase “I will repay you with acting,” but the reality is so. Kim Seon-ho will go through a similar process.”

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