“A girl group member showed behavior that she wanted to depart, even had to write a memo to CEO Yang Hyun-suk”

Youtuber Lee Jin-ho talked about the disbanding process of 2NE1 as it recently resurfaced as a hot issue.


YouTuber Lee Jin-ho claimed that there was a member trying to depart while talking about the cause of her team’s disbandment after 2NE1’s disbandment was reignited by a recent interview with CL.

Lee Jin-ho posted a video titled “The Truth of 2NE1’s disbandment” on his YouTube channel on Dec 17th.

Earlier, in an interview with AP Entertainment in the UK on Dec 17th, CL confessed that she first knew about the disbandment of her group 2NE1 through an article.

Lee Jin-ho said, “In May 2016, Gong Minzy had a considerable conflict in the process of renewing her contract with YG Entertainment,” adding, “In the end, Gong Minzy left 2NE1. Since then, there have been articles criticizing Gong Minzy. In response, her father refuted, “If you gonna do media play that way, I will hold a press conference to tell the truth. We are trying to leave this behind as a beautiful breakup.” This is an example of how serious the conflict between the two sides was,” he said.

“Gong Minzy could not even participate in the farewell song “Hi” released by the members after the announcement of 2NE1’s disbandment. It was a meaningful song to say goodbye to fans due to their sudden disbandment, but Gong Minzy was not even given a chance. YG, at that time, after Gong Minzy left, they had prepared for the three-member activities. In fact, I have checked, they had even prepared an album. But the process was not smooth either,” he claimed.

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Lee Jin-ho also mentioned one member’s poor attitudes. He explained, “According to officials in the entertainment industry, YG had had a hard time controlling one member at that time. The group’s comeback songs were already prepared and recording settings were all completed, but this member continued to delay her decision”, adding, “She even wrote an agreement, promising to CEO Yang Hyun-suk, ‘I will focus on the activities’. However, she didn’t keep her promise properly.”

He continued, “In fact, 2NE1’s comeback was also a matter of CEO Yang’s pride. It seems like he wanted to show that the group could still do well even after Gong Min-ji left the group”, adding, “However, due to this member’s deviant behaviors, he faced many practical difficulties and eventually gave up on 2NE1. During this process, BLACKPINK’s debut accelerated rapidly. Some people suspected that several comeback songs of 2NE1 might have been added to the debut album of BLACKPINK.” 

Lastly, he said, “However, the announcement of 2NE1’s disbandment from YG was too unilateral. The fact that the announcement was made without leader CL being informed of it beforehand proved that YG didn’t respect the members’ opinions while they were in the middle of their decision-making process. After Park Bom left and only Sandara Park and CL stayed in the group, YG continued to show no interest in promoting the two remaining members. Their frustration feelings seem to have erupted through interviews.”

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