A former Kpop idol said he read adult fanfics of himself

Fanfics (or fanfiction) is integral to the Kpop stanning culture, and Kpop idols themselves have some opinions about them. 

There’s no denying that the fanfic culture plays a huge part in the Kpop fandom experience. In particular, with fanfics (or fanfiction), fans get to freely imagine various stories revolving around their favorite idols, develop romances, or even bring them into different world settings and eras.

As a matter of fact, there are fanfics so popular on SNS, that they become a “legend” among specific fandoms. These pieces of works are so influential, to the point some idols become aware of them. 


Recently, in a video titled “Ex-Kpop Idol Spills The Truth About The Industry”, former U-KISS member Alexander Lee revealed that Kpop idols are acutely aware about the existence of fanfics. In fact, Alexander claimed that he and his former members read them for fun, and often don’t take anything seriously. 

“I read some fanfics. I was curious” he said, adding, “People were like, sometimes me and my members, fans would show us. They’d send us and we were like, check some, and we would read it just for fun. But the one that I did not really enjoy was the smut one. ‘Alexander walked into the room where Kevin and Eli were bla bla bla’. And then Alex was like jealous, and I’m like, ‘woah-ho!’”

Finally, Alexander expressed that he believed many other idols also read fanfics about themselves, and praised the creativity of Kpop fandoms. 

Source: Youtube

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